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About us

“Exact Translations” was founded by Ioannis Nikoletos in 2020 and it is located in the city of Arta in Greece. Ioannis Nikoletos was born in Arta in 1988 and graduated from the Department of Foreign Languages, Translation and Interpretation of the Ionian University. After completing his undergraduate studies, he attended the Postgraduate Studies Programme in the same Department and received his Master’s degree on “Science of Translation-Theory and Didactics of Translation”. He, also, attended part of his studies at the University of Surrey in the United Kingdom.

He is a member of the Panhellenic Association of professional translators graduates of the Ionian University (PEEMPIP) and collaborates with large companies that provide interpretation, translation and subtitling services, as well as with investment and consulting companies, law firms, real estate agencies, accounting bureaus, private citizen service bureaus etc

We undertake responsibly and reliably the translation of any text. Your texts are translated only by professional, officially certified, translators with confidentiality and attention to detail. Due to our knowledge amd experience, we guarantee high quality in rendering your text, with absolute adaptation to the mores and cultural standards of the language in which it is translated, as well as the integration of its special features.

We provide translation and interpretation services, editing and proofreading of translations, subtitling of any audiovisual material, transcript and typing, with our main goal being the satisfaction of our customers and the provision of high quality services.

We produce sworn translations which bear an internationally recognised seal in accordance with the Presidential Decree 169 of 17.06.2002 (GG 156/2.7.02).

We prioritize strict compliance with deadlines, translation accuracy, confidentiality policies and friendly relations with our customers.
Ask for a quote and in a few hours one of our partners will contact you.